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Da Mental Oriental
29 December 1977
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Platonically: Well, I'm a very social person, and can make friends with practically anybody. However, that "perfect" friend (if that's possible) would have to have similar personality traits as myself: Funny, slightly sarcastic, feel good about themselves, can take what they dish out, talkative but knows when to listen, have some sort of hobby, friendly (what's a friend who isn't?), intelligent (at least to themselves), at one with their inner child, creative, knows how to have a good time, happy, capable of having a debate, not afraid to speak their opinion while still understanding the feelings of others, and enjoys the little things in life.

Romantically: They should have the same characteristics above with a few additions. I wouldn't mind "public displays of affections," as long as they aren't carried away. A lovely smile and interesting eyes would be nice. She should be able to make me laugh. Grab my attention by making me see things like I haven't seen them before. And insightful. I love a good debate as long as it doesn't lead to raised tempers. She needs a talent, something that identifies her as her. It doesn't have to be anything amazing except to herself. And she must like who she is. Because if she doesn't like who she is, how will she know if others do?

What's attractive: Sense of humor, intelligence, creativity, and on a pure physical sense... appearance. I do like women with nice eyes and a beautiful smile. And to be completely honest, I do like looking at legs. But, as I mentioned before, I find both the mental and physical status attractive. Sensativity a good attention-getter, and a love for animals. And common interests... that's always a big attraction for myself.

Personality: This could go on forever, so I'll give you the short of it. I'm a rather fun-loving kind of guy. People tend to like being around me because I have this weird characteristic of being nice. I have a great sense of humor, and I love to make people laugh. There's just something about a smile. With the right person, I can be romantic. I have a creative mind and an imagination that is in a world all its own. I'm a bit sarcastic, but in a good way. I guess you could consider me intelligent, but intelligence is a relative term. And I'm willing to try anything once, so long as it causes no physical harm, such as drugs or jumping off buildings w/o parachutes. All-in-all, I'm something of a "Mr. Nice Guy." Yeah, I know it sounds corny, but it's true. And another thing, I'm full of surprises. If you know me, you know what I mean, and if you don't know me, try to. I make a great friend. I'm also treated as somewhat like a counselor. I help people where I can. I don't guarantee answers, just a person who will listen.

My social circle of friends is kinda broad... really broad. I mean, my friends are popular, not-so-popular, musically oriented, artistically creative, slackers, procrastinators, hard-workers, computer savy, computer ignorant, Role-players, ravers, older, younger, my age, sensative, sarcastic, rude, smokers, drinkers, substance-free, air-headed, intelligent, sci-fi geeks, party-goers, comical, serious, confused, success-bound, lost in the middle of nowhere... I told you my friends are a broad subject. And yes, I hang out with all these people! When I make a friend, I do my darndest to keep them. It's not easy, but I do a pretty good job of it.

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